Who Would Love To Rent A Canal Boat?

If you love life, kicking back, enjoying people, and adventure then renting a canal boat is the perfect getaway for you.  Below are a few aspects of our trips that might appeal to you.


The History Buff

From the Native American Lands to Women's Voting Rights, to Kodak cameras.  If you are a History Buff, a vacation on the Erie Canal will not disappoint.


Beer Lovers

Upstate NY has seen a major resurgence of craft and microbreweries.  In fact, the climate in our area is ideal for locally grown hops.  Many of the best breweries are in close proximity to the canal.



People have called Canal boats like camping on the water.  Admittedly, Canal Boats are a lot more comfortable than camping... think hot water and a full kitchen.  The wildlife along the canal is truly special.  For true enthusiasts, visiting Montezuma Reserve is a must.


The Foodie

For Foodie's along the canal, there are fantastic farmer's markets featuring fresh, local ingredients or restaurants within steps from each port.


Village Shoppers

Do you love to meander through villages that inspired Norman Rockwell?  From antiques to Amish quilts to brick-a-brack of any sort, local shops have unigue finds for any shopper.


Unplug Kids

Want to spend quality time with your kids?  With screen time at an all-time high, Canal Boating is an ideal way to recharge, reconnect, and unplug.  There is plenty for kids to do and explore.  On the canal towpath biking is awesome. Come out and replace on-line with a fishing line!


Wine Enthusiast

The Canal meanders through the Finger Lakes region, home to more than 100 critically acclaimed wineries.  Limo tours or even Uber can help facilitate.


Engineering Fans

There are many engineering feats to marvel the accomplishment of man over nature.  If you are an engineering enthusiast, you need to witness "The Flight of Five" Locks in Lockport.  Gravity be damned!



Today more than ever we are seeing a real rise in experiential travel.  Young professionals like to experience the world and create memories that go far beyond the ordinary.  Rent one of our canal boats and pilot a 42-foot canal barge along history's path.  If that isn't memorable I will eat my fedora!

Need More Info

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