Purpose-built and Equipped For Your Journey on the Erie Canal

Our boats have been custom built to meet the unique needs of canal navigation.  These boats are called Lockmasters for a reason! Here are a few examples of what we mean:

Engine Speed: the engines have been tuned to maintain appropriate and legal canal speeds.

Bow Thrusters: the boats have special engines that move the boat easily in and out of docks and locks.  Novices will especially appreciate this design.

Plugs & Hook-Ups: along the canal each town maintains docks.  Our boats have power attachments and water hook up to make these docking convenient.

Radio: while a cell phone is always an option, our boats have radios that make communications with Lock staff or our staff easy and convenient.


Fully Equipped Galley

Our boats have both kitchens and bathrooms onboard.  The kitchens (galley) features a stove, oven, pots, pans, dishware, utensils, and most things you will need.  Bathrooms also have showers with hot water tanks!

Bikes, Grills, Cooler

Two "beach cruiser" style bikes are loaded on the boat for journeys into towns or grocery stores.  While our galley is great, you may want to grill on the shore and we provide a small propane grill perfect for this.  In addition, to a small refrigerator, we provide one cooler.


Living aboard a boat for a week can mean lots of sun.  Our boats all feature plenty of shade for you and your trip mates.  We always suggest hats and sunscreen but you will find plenty of shade for both sun protection and cooling onboard.

Bedding & Towels

Think of our boats like a floating hotel room or more accurately rental cabin.  We provide most things you will need for the week.  Soap, shampoo, and sundries are not provided.

Saftey Equipment

We are in the boat business.  We stock our boats with life jackets, radio, flares, first aid, ropes, and other items that are needed for a safe journey.

Maps and Guides

The good news is that it is pretty hard to get lost on the canal.  But we provide maps and some guide info.  We also sell (for a nominal fee) a more extensive Erie Canal Guide in our ship store.

Next Steps...

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