Social Distance Friendly Vacation Idea


Be Your Own Captain!

Rent one of our self-piloted, live-aboard canal boats on the historic Erie Canal.  You are the captain, you set the pace, stops, and side excursions.  This is a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of a cruise.  Want to check all the boxes on an amazing adventure that is only a short car drive from most states in the Northeast and Great Lakes Region... check out all Erie Canal Adventures has to offer!

Five things that make this a perfect getaway in the summer of 2020 keeping social distancing in mind:

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1. Boats Are Naturally Six Feet Apart!

You and your family are on your own boat.  Your boat comprises both your living accommodations and your transportation.

You can't get much more socially distanced than on a boat!


2. Visit Low Poplulation Villages

Upstate NY has a very low density of people.  The villages and areas you will be exploring are picturesque and quaint but not crowded.  Picture more Norman Rockwell, less John D. Rockefeller! 


3. Dining Options Include Patio Seating

Boats have a fully equipped kitchen on board or choose from many terrific outdoor cafes featuring distanced patio seating and awesome curbside-to-go.   To cook or not cook that is the only question!


4. Be Your Own Captain!

We have all been stuck indoors for too long, get the most out of your vacation by taking a truly memorable and exciting trip.  Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime,  captain your own canal houseboat!


5. A Short Drive Away: Avoid Planes

Most of our customers have an opportunity to drive to our location allowing you to avoid air travel. Leave the friendly skies to the many birds in our area, including local Bald Eagles!

Next Steps...

We would love to welcome you to your own Erie Canal Adventure this year.  Call us at 315-986-3011 or keep exploring.

Call us for more information: 315-986-3011