The builder of these boats was Mid-Lakes Navigation owned by The Wiles Family from Skaneateles, NY.  Back in the late 1970's, the Wiles Family took a trip to the UK to travel the famed UK Canal System aboard a "narrowboat".  The family had such a fun and exciting adventure that they immediately returned to the US and began designing the Lockmaster series of vessels we now feature in our fleet.  They knew that the Erie Canal was a true gem that people from around the world would like to experience.


Throughout Europe, narrow-boating has become an RV type vacation option that allows participants to "park their hotel room" in the thick of nature, quaint villages, and experience engineering marvels.   Our boating experience here on the Erie Canal has all of these elements. The towns you will encounter have truly embraced the canal as a central part of their culture and identity.


The Wiles Family of Mid-Lakes Navigation loved their trip to the UK and wanted to build an experience like their European trip but they are American after all... they knew they could improve on it.  The Wiles Family took care to make the boats bigger, more comfortable, and easier to navigate.  We say that these boats are purpose-built for the Erie Canal.

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